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18 Oct


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QR Scanner 1.1 update is “In Review”

October 18, 2010 | By | No Comments

It’s been a long time coming, but QR Scanner’s update is finally “In Review” by Apple. There are tons of new features, improvements and overall awesome added to the app. We read a couple reviews and went right back to the drawing board, and the app is completely refreshed.

New Features

Support for email, phone and SMS QR codes

URLs are better recognized

Copy content to clipboard: So when you scan a QR code, you can now copy the contents of the code to your clipboard and you’re able to paste it in other apps.

View on Map: If you scan an address, you can view the address in the built in

In App Settings: Allows you to completely customize your Scanner experience. Some folks didn’t like how Scanner automatically opened up a URL. Now you can totally change the way Scanner handles scans.

Recent scan logging: Allows you to view recent scans and visit websites, call and SMS phone numbers.

Scan status that lets you know what the app is doing: This was a big request. So we added a white frame that shows you the app is scanning, and when a scan is found, it turns green!

Bug fixes & less crashes: Scanner is a memory intensive app, but with the update, it should be a lot better now.

Support for Retina Display: For the new iPod Touch and iPhone 4 users. It hurts to look at the beautiful Retina screen and see crappy graphics. That no longer happens. Yay!


Quick notice

Please note that this update drops support for the iPhone 3G model. We experienced some AVFoundation issues with the iPhone 3G. We’re working on restoring iPhone 3G capabilities, but until then, no Scanner for you =(