Broward Pols Hosting $1000 Plate Breakfast For Andrew Gillum

Got $1,000 to share a breakfast buffet with Broward politicians? Then buy your ticket for next Friday’s fundraiser for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness is hosting the event which benefits the “Forward Florida” committee.
According to its website the mission of Forward Florida is “to support or oppose candidates for statewide, legislative, multi-county and local office; support or oppose issue based political committees; engage in political advertising, independent expenditures, electioneering communications, and miscellaneous advertising.” In reality, the group is raising money to help elect Gillum.
For $1,000 a plate there better be all you can eat bacon.
Here’s the host committee:
Comm. Barbara Sharief, Comm. Dale Holness, Comm. Michael Udine, Mayor Beam Furr, Comm. Mark Bogen, Sen. Steve Geller, Sen. Nan Rich, Sheriff Scott Israel, Property Appraiser Marty Kiar, Mayor Hazelle Rogers, Clerk of Courts Brenda Forman, School Board Member Rosalind Osgood, School Board Member Patti Good, Mayor Judy Paul, Vice Mayor Yvette Colbourne, Comm. Marlon Bolton, Mayor Dean Trantalis, Comm. Samson Borgelin, Comm. John Adornato III, Dr. Barrington Murray, Dr. Warren Sturman, Robert Vaughn Esq., Linda Bird, Omar McFarlane, John Milledge, Mitch Ceasar

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