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iPhone / iPad Development

From the very beginning, Grip'd has been developing for the Apple mobile platform (iOS, iPhone/iPad/iPod) and has taken "there's an app for that" to new levels by offering businesses like yours the opportunity to tap into this powerful market. Apps bring notoriety, revenue, and unique branding to those who are online and who utilize them well.

When you ask us to develop an iOS app for you, we do it totally in-house. Unlike other "app providers," we do not just rebrand generic applications, use third-party cookie-cutter tools to make questionable code, or slap something together with cheats and buggy compilers. Because we have been utilizing he iPhone SDK since its beginning and have been coding for the iPad since it first released, we are intimately familiar with the process of building a custom application for an iOS device and do it from scratch, each and every time. The app we build for you will be unique, clean, functional, and worthy of having your name on it when it goes public.

The developers at Grip'd offer you first-hand service and code unique 100% native Objective-C in the Cocoa Touch framework and do so at an affordable price point. Then we take that code and subject it to both virtual and real-world testing and are so confident that it will be as bulletproof as it can be that we install it on our own, personal phones for final phase tests. You can be confident in the app we deliver to you.

Let's talk about your needs today and get your business the app you require to take it to the next level. Whether you need an app that integrates with other popular options on the market or a full-blown, engaging production aimed at enticing your customers to shop with you, Grip'd can help. You won't find a better provider or development team anywhere and will be surprised at how affordable getting your own, custom app can be. Contact us today.


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